Measure V Roads

In 2016, voters approved Measure V, which is a 1/2 cent sales tax that goes to fixing and improving roads. It was estimated that Merced County will receive $15 million annually. Currently, Merced County is receiving more than what was projected.

Voters approved how the money is distributed, giving each city and the County their fair share.

For a short overview of Measure V, click here.

For an overview of how the money is distributed, click here.

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Measure V is implemented by the Merced County Association of Governments, an 11 member Board made up of representatives from each city and the Board of Supervisors.

Measure V has a Citizens Oversight Committee that ensures the funds are being spent according to what voters approved in 2016.

Fixing roads is a given of many elected officials. What are your elected officials doing above and beyond to strengthen, sustain and grow your economy?

Measure V project in Downtown Merced.

Where else have you seen Measure V at work?

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