Measure V in Merced County

In 2016, voters approved Measure V, which is a 1/2 cent sales tax that goes to fixing and improving roads. It was estimated that Merced County will receive $15 million annually. Click here to see that Merced County is receiving more than what was projected.

Voters approved how the money is distributed, giving each city and the County their fair share.

Measure V is implemented by the Merced County Association of Governments (MCAG), an 11 member Board made up of representatives from each city and the Board of Supervisors. This means, MCAG receives the Measure V dollars then distributes it to the six cities and the County, per the formula approved by voters.

Each city council prioritizes their roads based on the condition of the road and volume of traffic among other factors. The County Board of Supervisors is responsible for roads in the unincorporated areas and use the same factors to prioritize those roads. MCAG conducted a study of all the roads in the County which was helpful in making the best decisions for residents.

For a short overview of Measure V, click here.

For an overview of how the money is distributed, click here.

For more about Measure V and the projects in your neighborhood, click here.

Measure V has a Citizens Oversight Committee that ensures the funds are being spent according to what voters approved in 2016.

Fixing roads is a given of elected officials. What are your elected officials doing above and beyond to strengthen, sustain and grow your economy?

Measure V project in Downtown Merced.

Where else have you seen Measure V at work?

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