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Lee is a hard-working mom with two adult children and two in public schools. She grew up in Merced County, moved away and came back 21 years ago.  Since her return, she has volunteered for nonprofits like Healthy House and the Boys & Girls Club in Atwater. Now, as Merced County Supervisor District 2, Lee is building human capital in a community of action with safe neighborhoods, efficient development and a strong economy.

As County Supervisor since 2017, Lee voted for and actively participated in efforts to increase public safety, behavioral and public health, solutions for homelessness, public transportation including roads and programs for our zero to five population. Lee's commitment has been to demonstrate what shared leadership looks like in creating the prosperity we want in our community.

Resident input and participation are important and because of Lee's work with residents, Lee launched an interactive children's museum with community members set to open this year and the People's Budget, led by volunteers where residents engage and decide how to spend public dollars. Lee implemented effective and sustainable strategies led by volunteers, strengthening efforts around youth, women and people experiencing homelessness. She also was successful in getting additional funds to veterans and community halls, public libraries and the Courthouse Museum. These milestones are building our community, enhancing our quality of life and will sustain our economy.

As the designated representative to the California State Association of Counties, National Association of Counties and First 5 Merced County Commission, among others, Lee works with leaders across the nation to develop equitable and fair policies for all. Additionally, Lee works alongside Central Valley leaders to strengthen a regional network addressing priorities like clean water, agriculture, economic development and public health. Lee's actions reflect her commitment to shared leadership, spend tax dollars efficiently, ensure public safety and build economic capital with transparency, sustainability and integrity.

Lee Lor is

  • the first and to date, the only Merced County Supervisor to hire paid student interns who work directly with young people on issues that impact them the most.

  • the only Merced County Supervisor who co-founded a local non-profit organization, an interactive children's museum, that directly contributes to economic development. The interactive children's museum will provide locals jobs, increase local revenue, increase the quality of opportunities for families, retain local talent, attract new talent and increase the quality of life in Merced County.

  • the only Merced County Supervisor to convene, co-facilitate and help develop diverse local leaders around challenges like race, equity, health and social issues.

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