November 2020.



County Supervisor District 2


Lee Lor is

  • the first, and to date, the only Merced County Supervisor to hire paid student interns who work directly with young people on issues that impact them the most.

  • the only Merced County Supervisor who incorporated a local non-profit organization with residents, an interactive children's museum, that directly contributes to economic development. The interactive children's museum will provide locals jobs, increase local revenue, increase the quality of opportunities for families, retain local talent, attract new talent and increase the quality of life in Merced County.

  • the only Merced County Supervisor to convene, co-facilitate and help develop diverse local leaders around challenges like race, equity, public health and social issues.

October 2020  Vote-by-mail Ballots VOTE LEE LOR, County Supervisor District 2.

November 3, 2020  ELECTION DAY vote LEE LOR for County Supervisor District 2

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