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February 2020  Vote-by-mail Ballots VOTE LEE LOR for County Supervisor District 2.

March 3, 2020  ELECTION DAY vote LEE LOR for County Supervisor District 2

As a mom and long-time volunteer, Lee knows the importance of economic growth for our county.

As your County Supervisor for the past three years, Lee voted for and actively participated in efforts to increase public safety, behavioral and public health, solutions for homelessness, public transportation including roads, and programs for our zero to five population. Lee took her responsibilities to the next level!

She launched an interactive children's museum with community members set to open this year and implemented The People's Budget, a participatory budgeting project. This project is the first in the Nation at the county level, where residents engage and decide how to spend public dollars. The People's Budget brought to you free Concerts in the Park, more outreach at the Food Bank, community gardens, summer learning opportunities for youth and more! You can bet volunteers and residents alike gained a better understanding of local government.

Please vote for Lee Lor again on March 3, 2020, so that together, we can continue going above and beyond to improve our community.

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